July 2008, the 12th.

The most exciting Videogame News is all over the net today!! It's about the release of MEGAMAN 9!!!!
I couldn't help it! I HAD to do a cover of the neat loop-title-screen-like that can be heard at
the end of the youtube video trailer! CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE !!!
It's so 80's all over again! I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!!!! GRAAH!!!

MEGAMAN 9 From the Rockman 9 trailer !
Oh! the excitement!
Drop me a mail if you feel like it!

March 2008, the 15th.
I guess the semi-biannual update pace seems the only pace I can cope with. Really would like to update more often though. Burt real life can be extremel time consuming.
So,today I give you some Video Game candy, and also some Brit pop covers. Let's go on with the new tracks!

ELECMAN From the Rockman Legacy !
ICEMAN From the Megaman Legacy !
Let's Go Out! From Pop'n Music Fever, it's a strange remake. Check out The Original. ;)
And on with the britpop madness!
TRASH !Suede cover
First of the Gang to Die!Morrissey cover

Thank you all for the nice nice comments! Please keep'ep coming! If you'd need to contact me, please check my myspace and drop a message there (it's /tangulele)

August 2007, the 18th.
Hay guise! Seems I was able to cope with my new job AND get some more tracks on the way. haha. Yeah, that rocks. Sort of. well.
SO. Here they are! Don't get too excited though,
apart from the first one it's not exactly like your superstar hyper known songs, but more like tunes I like to hum under the shower and that I fancied playing with my trusty Bruko Ukulele!

METAL GEAR SOLID At least you know that one.
SAVE YOU It's the GAMEPOP song (heh.) from Popn' Music 13! check out this great series!
GESTATION THEME It's from the best doujin game ever: Cave Story. PLEASE play it! it's free!

That pretty sums it up for this time. Home you had a great summer where you live. in Paris it was utter crap. Felt like march. Felt like being robbed from the so much expected sunlight! RHHHAAAARRGH!!! See you.

June 2007, the 5th.
Okay, I'm officially ashamed of myself for not having posted a SINGLE update
to this site ! First of all, thank you for all the nice messages you dropped on here!
Really makes me happy like you cannot imagine!
I actually got a steady job for the past year and half, and that kinda explains the lack of life whatsoever. But HEY! I QUIT ! So thar you go with THREE new tracks.

ALEX KIDD MINI MEDLEY I like that one.
DOUBLE DRAGON STAGE ONE Today's work actually. Shinobi-ish.
DUCK TALES' MOON THEME It's a demo, no uke, crappy. But it will stay as is.

Well, I hope you'll enjoy that. And, I would like to promise more frequent updates, and I will try to. But, I cannot promise. HAHA. hm. Sorry =_=

October 2005, the 7th.
It's now been a month since I last updated the site. But I'm sure you
will agree that was worth the wait. No less than FOUR NEW TRACKS
Actually, only two of them are totally new, but hey! Hope you'll enjoy'em!
The first Three are actually what I did play at the GameHotel Live Performance
It's not much of a live recording, but more of a post-event build based
on how I played them live and how I prepared beats and stuff...
The last one is just a quickie made to fulfill my present madness
about Gyakuten Saiban. The attorneyest game ever!
GYAKUTEN SAIBAN - Revelation theme

Stay tuned for more Happy Days.


NEW!!CAVE STORY GESTATIONThe-best-fangame-ever-made.PLAY IT!
ALEX KIDD MINI MEDLEYMore SEGA tunes are coming
DOUBLE DRAGON STAGE ONEOne of my current favorites!
DUCK TALES' MOON THEME Crap, crap, crap, but I like it SOMEHOW
GAME HOTEL'S SPACE HARRIER Not that I'm very proud of it
GAME HOTEL'S KATAMARI My second Ukuleless track
GAME HOTEL'S LEGEND OF ZELDA This one everybody knows!
GYAKUTEN SAIBAN - Revelation theme Seriously people, GET THIS GAME!
Snake Eater! - Infiltration and Hawaiian Camouflage
Mario Land City Spleen - For this one, we play guitar and we weep
Shinobi- Bouncy and groovy ninja music. Downtown's déja-vu.
Batman Nes - Level 1 - The original tune was so great! Kinda arabic.
Legend of Zelda - Aloha Metal Mix
- First attempt to use my Electric Uke.
BomberMan Battle! - Almost hurt my tongue singing that one.
Space Harrier - Main Theme - Just my favorite game music.
Fzero Title - A capella - No uke here cuz' I left mine to a girl.
Super Mario Kart - Rainbow Road - Looping forever on the main theme.
Kid Icarus - 1st Stage - Dunno why I didn't Ukulelize it earlier.


The Commercial Medley - French Childhood Commercials (1986-1998).
Triple Changers Transformers - Decepticon Astrotrain
- Before the latter.  
L'internationale - High Pitched Communism. My first ever Ukulele track.
Maréchal, Nous Voilà
- Happy Fascism always make me feel sunny.  
Imagine - Made the exact same night as l'Internationale. Playing around.
Macumba - Ok. This is really embarrassing